Fly Fishing Orlando and Central Florida

Florida is known worldwide as a top saltwater fly fishing destination and visitors to our area will not be disappointed. Orlando/Central Florida offers nearly limitless year-round opportunities for fly fishing in both fresh and saltwater. Our shop is ideally situated in the center of everything. You will find more information that will help you plan your fly fishing fishing excursion in and around Orlando on our Helpful Links page.

Salt Water - Orlando Fly Fishing Opportunities

The waters of the Indian River, Mosquito Lagoon and the Banana River are about an hour away on the east coast, and Tampa Bay is about an hour and a half to the west. These areas are home to redfish, tarpon, speckled trout, snook, black drum and a variety of other fish that will eagerly hit a fly. We fish the east coast, including the Mosquito Lagoon, on a regular basic and can offer an up-to-date report on the area. Redfish and speckled trout are the most commonly targeted east coast species in our area. There are some tarpon around in the summer and snook are caught from time to time as well but are difficult to target. If you're specifically looking for tarpon or snook, there are higher concentrations of these species on the west coast as well as further south on the east coast.

There are a few Mosquito Lagoon/Indian River flats which are accessible from shore and can be easily waded if you know where to go, but most will require a boat. A flats skiff is the most common fly fishing watercraft in these areas. A canoe or a sit-on-top kayak will also work very well provided you are willing to put in a little work. A kayak will also let you fish effectively by yourself and reach areas that other boaters can only drool over from a distance. If you're visiting our area and want to do some fishing on your own stop by, pick up a map and we'll mark some specific areas where wade fishing is possible. Fishing on your own can be very rewarding but if your budget allows you will likely have much better success fishing with one of our local fly fishing guides.

If you would like to try a self-guided trip and would prefer not to wade, there are a couple of boat rental options on the east coast near Orlando.

  • J.B.'s Fish Camp - A popular hangout with a restaurant and kayak rental operation on the east side of the Mosquito Lagoon in New Smyrna Beach East of Orlando.
  • Honest John's Fish Camp - Located in Melbourne on the Indian River South of Orlando.

Fresh Water - Orlando Fly Fishing Opportunities

If you're looking for fresh water, the numerous rivers, streams, lakes,and ponds in and around Orlando offer excellent fishing. Depending on the water, you may have the opportunity to catch largemouth bass, specks (crappie), a wide assortment of panfish, shad during the spring spawning run, and a variety of others. Freshwater fisheries are often overlooked by Florida fly fishers and, in our opinion, are well worth some exploration. Larry Kinder's book, Flyfisher's Guide to Freshwater Florida, offers an excellent overview of the area. Fly Fishing Central Florida Freshwater, by Craig Crumbliss, provides some specific local spots to try out.

The St. John's River, with its many connected lakes (including Lake Jessup, Lake Monroe and Lake Harney) and waterways, leads the list as one of the most popular freshwater destinations in the area. Lake Toho is right up there as well. There are several small streams in and around Orlando, including the Wekiva River, Rock Springs Run, the Econlockhatchee River and Spruce Creek, which are worth exploring in a canoe or kayak.

Most of the lakes and ponds in the area hold fish and many offer excellent fishing. The difficulty is often with access. While you will see lakes and streams everywhere you go most of the access is private. If you have a canoe or kayak or are willing to rent one the possibilities will open up dramatically. If you like wade fishing there are a couple of possibilities but they are very water-level dependent. Get in touch with us and we will let you know what the current options are. Your best bet, if you are looking for success in catching some our local game fish, would be to get in touch with one of our local Orlando fly fishing guides.

Some possibilities of places to rent boats are below:
  • Wekiva Island - Canoe rentals and other services on the Wekiva River, north of Orlando. Located further upriver than Wekiva Adventures where casting will be a little more challenging.
  • Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake - Offers Bass Tracker rentals a few mornings a week (currently Thursday through Sunday) on Fish and Wildlife Commission managed Turkey Lake. The fishing is very good and rental rates are reasonable. Make sure you call ahead to make sure they are open and to reserve a boat.
  • Cracker Creek Canoeing - Canoe rentals on Spruce Creek in Port Orange (near Daytona) NE of Orlando. This is a blackwater creek flowing into the salt near Ponce Inlet. You will find bass, panfish, bowfin, gar and the occasional small tarpon in the upper reaches, where Cracker Creek is located, and saltwater species like small tarpon, snook and redfish downstream where the salt concentration increases.
  • Secret Lake Park, Casselberry - This is a local park a little north of orlando that provides both kayak and canoe rentals. Fishing for panfish and bass can be very good.
  • Adventures in Florida - Provides day trips in the Orlando area. Depending on the owner's schedule, canoe rentals are available out of Geneva, FL, near the St. Johns River, about an hour northeast of Orlando.

Please stop by, give us a call or fill out our contact form if you have any question or would like more information about the opportunities available in the area. We look forward to seeing you in our shop.

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