Special Events

Look below for a summary of regular events hosted by Orlando Outfitters as well as information on special events, listed by date. Take a look at the Orlando Outfitters Calendar for a complete schedule. Please give us a call, visit us in our shop, or fill out our contact form to get more information or to sign up for a class or event.

Regular Events

Fly Fishing Instruction

Because these classes are scheduled on an individual basis they are not found on our calendar. We offer instruction all year long. Look at our Fly Fishing Instruction page for more information and to find out about scheduling a class.

Fly Tying Instruction

We offer fly tying instruction, including our introductory class, on an appointment basis. If you are interested in learning how to tie flies or would like to expand your skills get in touch with us and we'll set up a class. Look at our Fly Tying Instruction page for more information and to find out about scheduling a class.

Flies and Lies - First Wednesday of every month

Come hang out, tie some flies and tell some lies. Bring your tools and materials and tie whatever you want. Or, if you're new to fly tying or just don't feel like tying, leave the tools and materials at home and just come spend some time out of the house.

We hold Flies and Lies here at the shop on the first Wednesday of most months. We get started around 6PM and are usually here until around 8:30PM. Feel free to stop by for a few minutes or a couple hours.

Flies and Lies is a chance to hang out with other fly tyers and to share patterns and stories. While we all learn from each other this is not a class environment. If there are specific patterns or techniques you would like help with please let us know and we will find a time outside of fles and lies to help you out.

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