MAKO 9700B Fly Reel



Do you need a fly reel for truly big fish? The 9700B is up to the challenge. This reel is intended for lines 12 weight and up and is a great option for large tarpon, sailfish, and even marlin. The large arbor will give you all the backing capacity you need as well as a quick retrieve when it’s time to bring fish back to the boat. 

5.5 inch diameter
16.75 ounces

Backing Capcity:
350 yards 30# dacron with WF12F
600 yards 50# gelspun with WF14F


At your request, we will rig this reel with Dacron backing free of charge. If you are purchasing a line and would like us to install both line and backing, let us know and we will have it fully rigged and ready to go. Add a note to your order on the shopping cart page to provide the following information:
  1. What color backing would you prefer? The free options are White, Fluorescent Yellow and Orange.
  2. If you are purchasing a line, would you like us to install it on the reel? If so, we will install the appropriate amount of backing for that line. If we will be installing backing without a line, we will go by the manufacturer’s specifications for the smallest line recommended for that reel. If you would prefer something different, please let us know.
For details on how we rig see the "Rigging" section of our FAQ page.
Product Price Quantity Stock
12-14wt / Gloss Black / Left Hand 12-14wt / Gloss Black / Left Hand (121885)
$2,550.00 2

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