Sage One 9' 8wt 4pc Fly Rod - USED


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Sage ONE Fly Rods are all-around rods providing precision casting accuracy over a wide range of conditions, they are stiff rods at the butt that give way to a softer tip. These fly rods are constructed around Sage's “Konnetic" technology which provides fast action and incorporates a built-in sweet spot, making the ONE rod the ideal choice for experienced and aspiring casters alike.  Sage ONE Fly Rods have hard chrome snake guides and Fuji ceramic stripping guides. These rods include a rod bag and black powder coated aluminum rod tube.

This rod is in very good condition but has definitely been used. The cork is a little dirty and there is light corrosion on the winding check. The butt section has some light scratches on the male ferrule. There is some “boat rash” on the third section, where the previous owner’s rod rack must have contacted the blank and a few other random scuffs. The boat rash continues into the tip section, which shows similar scuffing where it connects with the third section. Enough of the finish has been worn off on the bottom snake guide that the very edge of the thread wraps are exposed. It is not enough to cause a problem and could easily be covered up with a light coat of epoxy or even nail polish or fly tying head cement.

None of these imperfections will have any effect on the usefulness of the rod and they are only visible upon close inspection. This is a very nice premium rod with many years of useful life left in it.

Please note:
The photos are of the actual rod for sale, with the detail images showing the primary areas of wear.


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