TFO Impact Fly Rod

Temple Fork Outfitters

$230.00 $324.95
Smooth, easy-loading, and forgiving are just a few of the words used to describe the casting qualities of the new TFO Impact series of rods. Loading and unloading efficiently during the stroke enables seasoned anglers to get the most from their more refined casting styles, while at the same time, forgiving of little mistakes a fledgling angler may make as they work to improve their game. These rods excel at making every presentation the best one possible, which allows you the angler, to make the most of every moment on the water.
Product Price Quantity Stock
5wt 5wt (112611)
$230.00 1
6wt 6wt (112613)
$260.00 1
7wt 7wt (112619)
$260.00 1
8wt 8wt (112623)
$260.00 1

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