Dan Johnson's Saltwater Flies

$7.99 $6.49

A very popular and effective pattern that works well for a variety of fish. Tied with the materials on top and with a slight bend to the hook so the fly rides hook up. Because this fly is lightweight and relatively weedless it is a great fly to throw in shallow water with lots of snags (seagrass beds, for example).

There may be some variation in the materials used for this fly and what you receive may not look exactly like the photos.

Product Price Quantity Stock
Chartreuse/White / #2 Chartreuse/White / #2 (108484)
$7.99 1
Red/White / #2 Red/White / #2 (108483)
$7.99 1
White / #2 White / #2 (108481)
$7.99 7

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