Education Overview

Many would-be fly fishers have an idea that the sport, with it's unfamiliar equipment and vocabulary, is just too difficult for them to learn. Let us show you otherwise. With the proper instruction and a little practice, nearly anyone can learn to fly fish. Once you've started, the possibilities are nearly limitless. While you can keep things as simple as you want, one of the draws of fly fishing is that it's an activity with so many facets that there is always something new to learn.

We offer classes for both beginners and experienced fly fishers. In order to provide the best learning experience possible, most instruction is one-on-one. This simplifies scheduling and lets us focus on exactly what you want to learn. Please click on the links below for information on the type of class in which you are interested.

If you are looking for something specific that you don't see listed here, just let us know. We can probably help you out. If you are part of a group looking for instruction or have a couple friends who would be interested in joining you, we are happy to set up a class for groups of three or more.

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