Fly Patterns

Boehm's Gurgler

The Boehm's Gurgler fly.

The Boehm's Gurgler has proven to be a winner for surface-feeding baby tarpon, but it can be equally effective when used for snook, seatrout, redfish, jacks, and highly aggressive bluefish. Freshwater species like largemouth and peacock bass can't resist a well presented gurgler.

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The Chewbacca

The Chewbacca is a knock-off of Pinczkowski’s Bad Hair Day tied on a jig hook. It is easy to cast and lands lightly, but has an outsized profile. The craft fur, which makes up the bulk of the fly, moves very well with minimal fly motion. Because the fly rides hook point up and the body acts as a weed guard, the Chewbacca is relatively weedless.

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Clouser Minnow

The Clouser Minnow fly.

The Clouser has likely caught more species than any other fly, from bluewater species to bluegill. It can easily be adapted to your needs by modifying the size, sink rate, material and color in any way you want.

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Crystal Schminnow

The Crystal Schminnow fly.

The Crystal Schminnow is an effective fly for any species that's looking for a shrimp or minnow because it approximates everything without specifically imitating anything. Saltwater species like snook, seatrout, baby tarpon, bluefish, mackerel, redfish, and even false albacore or tuna willingly eat this fly. Freshwater predators like largemouth bass, peacock bass, shad, crappie, and others will take it with little reservation as well.

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Fleeing Crab

The Fleeing Crab fly.

The Fleeing Crab is a great pattern to use for crab eating fish of all types including redfish, permit, bonefish, and black drum. Pompano on the flats are a possibility as they scour the bottom in search of crabs or even sand fleas.

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Foiled Again

The Fleeing Crab fly.

The Foiled Again is designed specifically to catch wintertime crappie and American shad feeding on schools of baby mosquitofish. It is tied on a short shank oversized hook and can hook and land large fish.

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The Seaducer fly.

The Seaducer is a simple yet versatile and productive fly pattern that will catch a wide variety of species in both fresh and salt. Snook, tarpon, redfish, seatrout, sharks, largemouth and peacock bass and many others will investigate and eat this fly.

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The Sprog fly.

The Sprog catches panfish and small bass wherever they live. It has also caught its share of larger bass. A #6 Sprog is small enough to fit in the mouths of medium sized panfish and large enough to tempt healthy bass and is very effective for both.

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Pad Crawler

The Pad Crawler fly.

The Pad Crawler is a largemouth bass fly designed specifically for fishing heavy cover. The folded foam head causes the fly to dive when stripped and, more importantly, acts as a weed guard. It can be thrown into the middle of lily pads and other vegetation and, if stripped steadily, usually comes through without getting snagged.

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The Gamboozler fly.

The Gamboozler , as the name suggests, was initially tied to mimic gambusia, or Mosquitofish, that are prolific in freshwater all over Florida. It’s an excellent choice when largemouth bass, crappie, bluegill and other predators are feeding on mosquitofish or other small baitfish.

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Cyclops Baitfish

The Cyclops Baitfish fly.

The Cyclops Baitfish is a multi-purpose minnow pattern that slides through snags easily and can be made to sink at varying rates depending on the bead or cone used. It has great action and catches a wide variety of fish in both fresh and saltwater.

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