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Teaching others how to fly fish more effectively is an important part of our business as well as one of our favorite ways to spend our working hours. We offer individual instruction on many aspects of fly fishing. Whether you are a beginning fly fisher, want to learn the double haul for an upcoming trip to the Bahamas, or would like to learn to tie some new knots we can help.

New to Fly Fishing?

Fly fishing is an activity that nearly anyone can take part in. With a little instruction, some patience, and the right expectations catching fish on a fly is not that hard. If you are interested in giving it a try, don't hesitate to stop by, give us a call or fill out our contact form. We would be happy to talk to you about what is involved and help you get started.

Getting started fly fishing can seem a little daunting. The equipment we use is really very simple but the terminology can be difficult to understand and there are lots of misconceptions about how and where you fly fish and what you can catch on a fly. To clear up a couple of those common questions; you can fly fish nearly anywhere in Florida, in both fresh and saltwater, and most commonly targeted species, from bluegill and bass to tarpon and redfish, can be readily caught on a fly.

What most people focus on when learning to fly fish is the cast, and rightfully so. Developing a decent cast is essential to consistently catching fish on fly. One of our primary goals with new fly fishers is to help you understand the dynamics of the cast and form good habits that will serve you well going forward.

Instruction is provided by Orlando Outfitters staff members and by Captain Mark Benson, with whom we work closely to provide the best instructional experience possible. Mark is a Fly Fishing Federation certified instructor who has taught many people to fly fish over the years. Hourly instruction is limited to two people per instructor, which gives us the ability to work closely with you to focus on exactly what you need to learn.

If you don't yet own a rod and reel, wait until after you have had some instruction to buy. Even a short class will allow you to make a much better buying decision. The instruction fee includes use of a rod and reel. The only equipment you will need to bring is a pair of sunglasses.

Hourly Instruction

Time, Date and Location: To be set up individually with instructor.

Instructor: We work closely with Capt. Mark Benson to provide excellent fly fishing instruction that fits your schedule. You can find information about Mark on his website at

Cost: $75 for one student. $50 per additional student. Includes use of equipment although if you have your own equipment you may want to bring it. Pricing is subject to change in the future and is not controlled by Orlando Outfitters so please verify the cost with your instructor.

Signing Up: Give us a call, fill out our contact form or come in to see us in order to get signed up - or you can contact Mark directly through his website linked to above. We will have to match up your schedule with the instructor’s so we will most likely have to get back to you with some options. If you have specific time requirements please plan ahead. Sometimes we can get instruction set up within a couple days but it may take a week or two to get you on the schedule.

Class Size: 1-2 students.

What To Bring

Sunglasses, sunblock and a hat. Because they protect your eyes from potential injury sunglasses are particularly important. Fly Rods in the 5-8wt range will be available for use but if you have a favorite rod/reel please bring it. If you want to use your own equipment please make sure it is properly set up before the class. Give us a call or bring it by if you are unsure.

Before You Go Fishing

Please keep in mind that you will need to get a license (unless you meet specific exemptions) before spending any time on the water. You can easily purchase a license online on the FWC website.

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