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Fleeing Crab

Catching a fish on a fly is fun. Catching fish on a fly you tied is even better. Tying your own flies adds a whole new dimension to the sport. Aside from being fun and relaxing, tying your own flies gives you a never-ending supply of the flies you like to fish with and allows you to design a specific fly for a specific application.

Fly tying is a skill that can be learned by almost anyone. All it takes is the right equipment and materials, a moderate level of dexterity and some proper instruction. We offer beginner through advanced fly tying focusing on saltwater and warmwater flies. Our tying instruction is intended to teach the correct use of fly tying tools, material behavior, and tying techniques required to produce effective, durable flies. You'll develop the skills, techniques and knowledge that will enable you to tie countless patterns, and you'll have a lot of fun doing it!

We offer a number of options for getting started tying flies and improving your skills.

The next Intermediate/Advanced class is being scheduled. Check back soon or keep an eye on our social media accounts.


Orlando Outfitters Fly Tying Sessions

We offer beginning tying classes as well as more advanced instruction and tying demos throughout the year. Beginning classes are taught by Orlando Outfitters staff. They cover relatively simple patterns and techniques and move slowly, with step-by-step instruction and lots of explanation. Intermediate/advanced classes are taught by guest tyers as well as Orlando Outfitters staff. They often move along much more quickly, with the expectation that tyers already understand the basics. Details for upcoming classes will be posted on this page.

Orlando Outfitters Beginning Fly Tying Class

This half day class is intended for new fly tyers and will give you the knowledge and skills you need to get started right. We will be tying the Crystal Schminnow, the Fleeing Crab and the Clouser Minnow. More importantly you will be learning the various techniques needed to tie these patterns.

Date/Time: Saturday, November 2nd. Doors open at 8:45am and the class starts at 9:00am.
Cost: $50
Reserving a spot: Class size is limited to 6 tyers. The tuition fee must be paid in full to reserve a spot. You can pay either in our shop or online. The tuition fee is fully refundable up to 24 hours prior to the start of the class. If you aren’t able to attend, we ask that you let us know as soon as you are able so we can offer your spot to others.
What is Included? The tuition fee covers materials used during the class as well as the use of a fly tying vise and other tools you will need. You will leave the class with any flies you tie as well as a materials kit with all the materials needed to tie one of the patterns tied during the class.

Next Steps: A beginning fly tying class is the start of the process of becoming a proficient fly tyer. Learning to tie flies involves practice. For that you’ll need to have your own tools and materials at home and use them regularly. We offer kits for both tying tools and materials These kits will both simplify the process and save you some money. Many of our intermediate/advanced tying sessions are suitable for newer tyers and are a great way to expand your skills.

We also offer fly tying instruction videos on YouTube including a series of videos that teach the same skills and patterns we teach in our in-person introductory class. This page will guide you through the video class. Here is our full offering on YouTube.

Intermediate/Advanced Tying

Date/Time: Usually on weekday evenings from 5:45 pm to 8:00 pm. Details for upcoming classes will be posted on this page.
Cost: No charge
Reserving a spot: We limit intermediate/advanced classes to 10 tyers. Please reserve your spot by the Friday before a class. You can reserve a spot in person, with a phone call, with an email, through our contact form, or via Facebook or Instagram.
What is Included? We provide the space and instruction. You will need to bring a vise and tools and supply your materials. A materials list will be available two weeks before the class and materials will be available the evening of the class. We do sometimes run out of preferred colors and sizes so you might want to buy early.

Individual Fly Tying Instruction

Private one-on-one instruction is available as well.

Date/Time: Set up individually with the instructor typically during store hours.
Cost: $60 per hour.
Materials and tools are provided for introductory classes. For intermediate/advanced instruction, what is provided will depend on the techniques and materials being used.

Help with Patterns and Techniques

We're always happy to answer your fly tying questions and help you work through techniques and patterns you are having trouble with. Stop by whenever the shop is open and we will do our best to help. There’s no charge but if the day is busy or we are short on staff we may have to take a break to help other customers or ask you to come back when we are less busy. It works best if you get in touch with us before coming in.

More Information and Sign-Up

If you'd like to sign-up for the beginning fly thing class you can pay the class fee and reserve your spot by stopping by the shop or do it online right here.

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