Fish-Skull Fish-Mask

Flymen Fishing Company


The Fish-Mask is a weightless, clear version of the Fish-Skull Baitfish Head that provides a clean, simple, and effective alternative to creating heads with epoxies. A realistic baitfish profile and the ability to take on the color of body materials make it a versatile platform for tying a wide variety of weightless streamer patterns. The sizes in the Fish-Mask range are designed to be exactly fit the sizes of Fish-Skull Living Eyes.

Product Price Quantity Stock
#5 (10/pk) #5 (10/pk) (109965)
$5.50 4
#6 (8/pk) #6 (8/pk) (109966)
$5.50 4
#7 (8/pk) #7 (8/pk) (109967)
$5.50 2
#8.5 (8/pk) #8.5 (8/pk) (109968)
$5.50 4

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