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When Jack Charlton began a career in aerospace engineering in the 1960’s it’s a pretty good bet that he had no idea where the path he was on would lead. His experience in precision engineering and knowledge of materials mixed with a passion for fly fishing led to the creation of the first Charlton reel. The Charlton was a state-of-the-art sealed drag reel, built to last a lifetime and more, with an incredibly smooth carbon fiber drag.

Jack and his wife Judy eventually sold Charlton Reel Company but when the noncompete expired they started up a new company, MAKO Reels. From the beginning, MAKO has been focused on saltwater species. Their reels are built to handle the saltwater environment and the fish that live there. MAKO reels are in high demand across the world, especially among tarpon and bluewater anglers pushing the limits of what can be done with a fly rod.

Jack’s unexpected death in 2011 was a blow to the industry. Judy ran MAKO Fly Reels for several years before selling the company. The current owners of MAKO have introduced some changes, but the reels are basically the same ones that Jack designed and he and Judy, with a small group of employees, assembled.

The reels we have for sale here are special. They were bought from MAKO in early 2011 or before when we were part of the very small MAKO dealer network. They were manufactured and assembled when Jack and Judy were still running the company together and have been in storage since then. Unless otherwise noted, all reels and spools are brand new. 

Yes, these are collector’s items. They are also incredibly high quality reels with a drag you’ll have to experience to believe. Keep it on your desk. Strap it on a rod and take it fishing. Or better yet, both!

MAKO reels come from the factory in either right-hand or left-hand retrieve. We are not able to change the retrieve direction. 

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