16-20 (Pitzen) Knot

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The 16-20 knot is strong and easy to tie knot that lets you know when it is tied correctly. It works very well in lighter material thought it can be hard to seat in materials over 10-15 pounds. Remember, if you don't feel a "pop" or "click" the knot did not seat correctly.

Orvis Knot - Step 1 Orvis Knot - Step 2

1 - 2: Thread the tag end through the hook eye and run it back along the standing line. The tag end should be situated behind the standing line.

Orvis Knot - Step 3 Orvis Knot - Step 4

3 - 4: With the tag end and standing line pinched between the thumb and forefinger to anchor them both wrap the tag end back over both lines towards the eye of the hook.

Orvis Knot - Step 5 Orvis Knot - Step 6

5: Make a total of 3 wraps.
6: Bring the tag end back up the standing line and thread it through the loop formed when the first wrap was made in the previous step. The tag end should pass from front to back above the standing line and through the back part of the loop.

Orvis Knot - Step 7 Orvis Knot - Step 8

7: Moisten the knot and partially tighten it by pulling on the tag end. Then carefully slide the wraps towards the eye of the hook.
8: Tighten the knot by pulling firmly on the standing end and fly. When the knot seats you will feel and sometimes hear a "pop" signifying that the knot is complete. If done correctly your tag end should protrude from the end of the knot almost parallel to your standing line.

Orvis Knot - Step 9 Orvis Knot - Step 10

9: Trim the tag end.
10: The finished knot.

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