Improved Clinch Knot

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The Improved Clinch Knot is an extremely popular knot and is very easy to tie. It is, however, not a particularly strong knot. The Non-Slip Mono Loop, Trilene Knot, Pitzen Knot, Orvis Knot and others are stronger when tied correctly.

Trilene Knot - Step 1 Trilene Knot - Step 2

1: Thread your tippet through the eye of the hook and pull a couple inches back up parallel to the standing line. Grasp the eye of the hook and the two ends of mono extending through it to keep an open loop just above the eye of the hook.
2: Wrap the tag end around the standing line 5 times away from the hook. (4 or even 3 1/2 turns may be fine with lines above 10#).

Trilene Knot - Step 3 Trilene Knot - Step 4

3: Put the tag end back through the loop you have been holding open just above the eye of the hook.
4: Thread the tag end back through the loop formed when the tag end was passed through the loop by the hook eye. You may need to tighten the knot a little by pulling on the tag end before completing this step.

Trilene Knot - Step 5 Trilene Knot - Step 6

5: Moisten the knot and seat it by pulling on the standing line and your hook.
6: Trim the knot and leave a little tag end.

Trilene Knot - Step 5

7: The finished knot.

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