Orvis Knot

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The Orvis Knot, the result of a contest put on by Orvis a number of years ago which was won with this knot by a man by the name of Larry Becker, is a remarkably strong and easy to tie knot. It is not a widely popular knot but independent tests show that it is one of the strongest tight-to-the-eye connections around. It works well with a wide range of tippet material diameters.

Orvis Knot - Step 1 Orvis Knot - Step 2

1 - 2: Thread the tag end of your line through the hook eye from the bottom then run it underneath the standing line and back up again on the close side.

Orvis Knot - Step 3 Orvis Knot - Step 4

3 - 4: Run the tag end through the loop created by the hook eye from back to front.

Orvis Knot - Step 5 Orvis Knot - Step 6

5: Next run the tag end through the new loop you just created from back to front.
6: Go over the top leg then run it through one more time.

Orvis Knot - Step 7 Orvis Knot - Step 8

7: Form two wraps around the top leg of the loop.
8: Pull the tag end to close the knot.

Orvis Knot - Step 9 Orvis Knot - Step 10

9: Continue closing the knot.
10: Moisten the knot and pull on the standing line and fly to firmly seat the knot.

Orvis Knot - Step 11 Orvis Knot - Step 12

11: Trim the tag end.
12: The finished knot.

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