Shad Season 2023-24 - Resources

Shad Fishing Resources

Shad Fishing Here are some resources where you can find out more about the fishery.

Shad fishing in Central Florida has a long history and its own unique culture. In addition to the many impromptu get-togethers on the water, there are a number of organized contests and events each season. Here are a few to look for.

  • Tying Flies for Shad Roundtable at Orlando Outfitters, Wednesday, February 7th, 2024.
  • When the water is low enough, usually organizes a couple of Shad Walks (walk-in shad fishing trips) each season. Check the website and facebook group for announcements but, with the high water this year, there may not be any trips scheduled.
  • Spey Fishing for Shad clinic on the St. Johns. If the water comes down enough, we are planning a Spey Fishing Clinic sometime after the beginning of February with expert Spey casting instructor, Leslie Holmes. Light Spey and switch rods are a great way to cover water and catch shad, and add another element to this fishery. Check Instagram and Facebook for updates.
  • First Shad of the Season contest at It's over for this season with one of the usual suspects winning again. Catching shad early in the season requires dedication, and some people have it.
  • Orlando Outfitters Shad on Fly Instagram Photo Contest. Share a photo of a shad caught on fly this season in the St. Johns for a chance to win one of three $50 Orlando Outfitters Gift Cards. View the rules and instructions on Instagram.
  • Coastal Angler Magazine Shad and Crappie Derby. Stop by Orlando Outfitters or another participating location to sign up.

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