Surgeon's Knot

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The Surgeon's Knot, which is really nothing more than a double overhand knot, is an easy to tie knot that is commonly used to join two sections of monofilament together. It is easier to tie than the Blood Knot and, tied correctly, is very strong. Make sure you test this knot before trusting it to hold. If not seated correctly or if the materials cross over each other at the wrong places the knot will be seriously weakened.

Surgeon's Knot - Step 1 Surgeon's Knot - Step 2

1 - 2: Lay the standing line and the end of the piece you want to join to it parallel with an overlap of a few inches.

Surgeon's Knot - Step 3 Surgeon's Knot - Step 4

3: Take both pieces of material together and tie an overhand knot, passing the long end of the new piece all the way through the loop.
4: Make another wrap just past the first with both pieces of material.

Surgeon's Knot - Step 5 Surgeon's Knot - Step 6

5: Hold the two pieces (standing and tag ends) of material protruding from each end of the knot and draw the knot partially tight.
6: Moisten and seat the knot by pulling hard on all four pieces simultaneously.

Surgeon's Knot - Step 7 Surgeon's Knot - Finished Knot

7: Trim the knot leaving short tag ends.
8: The finished knot.

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