Chicos River Shrimp

Dan Johnson's Saltwater Flies


This is an excellent fly for skinny water redfish. It rides hookpoint up and the deer hair acts as a natural weedguard and moves well through grassbeds and oysters. Though designed as a shrimp fly, if you trim the bottom deer hair collar off it effectively mimics a bottom dwelling baitfish.

If you'd prefer to tie your own, we have all the materials you'll need available for purchase. Note that some of the commercially tied River Shrimp we carry use materials we don't stock for the wing and wrapped body. Craft fur and Estaz will be a very close approximation but not exactly the same thing.

Here's a materials list if you'd like to tie this fly:

Product Price Quantity Stock
Brown / #2 Brown / #2 (108417)
$9.49 1
Tan / #2 Tan / #2 (108418)
$9.49 1
Black / #2 Black / #2 (108416)
$9.49 11

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