Cliff's Day's Worth

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The Day's Worth is just the ticket for anglers trying to keep things simple and compact.  Meant for the "Grab and Go" types, this box comes in two configurations.
  • A single sided box with slotted "blue" material for secure fly storage.  This is a great option for a handful of trout bugs, panfish poppers, terrestrials, or small streamers.
  • A double sided box with self-sealing "blue" material stips for sticking fly hooks into on one side and a high energy magnet on the other for holding smaller flies securely.  Also includes an additional "blue" material strip that can be positioned as desired by the angler, and a mono security leash to attach the box to a convenient loop on a vest, chest pack, or lanyard system. 
This would also make a great starter box for the young fly angler who's looking to start small before acquiring every fly under the sun like his or her mentor.

The Day's Worth is 3 7/8" x 3" x 1".
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$15.99 8
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