Cortland Cold Redfish Fly Line

Cortland Line Company


Cortland's Cold Salt Redfish line is built using a braided nylon multifilament core to remain supple in cold conditions like those experienced during the winter season across the redfish's range from Texas to Louisiana, Florida, and north to the Carolinas. The short aggressive taper is ideal for presenting large or weighted fly patterns while the short head loads rods with ease for short, fast shots at cruising fish.

  • Short Aggressive Taper
  • Supple Coating
  • Quick Loading
Product Price Quantity Stock
8wt / Aqua Green/Sky Blue 8wt / Aqua Green/Sky Blue (122392)
$99.95 2
9wt / Aqua Green/Sky Blue 9wt / Aqua Green/Sky Blue (122393)
$99.95 2
10wt / Aqua Green/Sky Blue 10wt / Aqua Green/Sky Blue (121649)
$99.95 2

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