EP Craft Fur Brush

Enrico Puglisi Ltd.

A blend of craft fur fibers and three different EP Fibers for the inner core and finished with EP Sparkle with UV light reflection. Once you wrap this brush in a hook you will have the inner core of one color and the outer core in a different color. Glue in any of your favorite eyes and you’re good to go. The color combinations are endless from saltwater to freshwater. Package includes 6 brushes. Brush width is 3".
Product Price Quantity Stock
Sand/Chartreuse Sand/Chartreuse (109018)
$14.95 7
Medium Olive/Sand Medium Olive/Sand (109017)
$14.95 3
Medium Brown/Olive Medium Brown/Olive (109016)
$14.95 5
Dark Olive/Chartreuse Dark Olive/Chartreuse (109014)
$14.95 4
Black/Purple Black/Purple (109013)
$14.95 4
Gray/White Gray/White (109015)
$14.95 3

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