Finn Raccoon

Wapsi Fly

Finn raccoon (Finnish raccoon) is an extremely versatile natural material useful in all kinds of flies. Great for the wings and tails of both fresh and saltwater streamers, the under hair varies in length from 1" to 3" with longer guard hairs mixed in. This material is very light and creates a lot of volume without adding a great deal of bulk.  These properties make it a good, long lasting substitute for marabou. It absorbs water and will help flies sink naturally while at the same time giving them life by flowing and undulating with the slightest current. Use it with a dubbing loop to make a collar or body that can be trimmed to shape if desired.
Product Price Quantity Stock
Rusty Brown Rusty Brown (122552)
$5.75 4
Tan Tan (122551)
$5.75 2
Fl Chartreuse Fl Chartreuse (122555)
$5.75 4
Purple Purple (114462)
$5.75 3

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