Fleeing Crab

Barrett's Custom Flies


Simple? Yes. Effective? Definitely! The Fleeing Crab is a standard in our area and is at least partially responsible for lots of great fish pictures. The lead eyes will get it down and help it to ride hook point up. Rubber legs out the back wave and wiggle in the slightest current. We have found the Fleeing Crab to be at least as effective as many of the much more complex crab patterns.

We have a video that teaches you how to tie this fly you can check it out here.

If you'd prefer to tie your own, we have all the materials you'll need available for purchase. Here's a materials list if you'd like to tie this fly:

Product Price Quantity Stock
Merkin / #2 Merkin / #2 (108434)
$7.99 24
Purple/Black / #2 Purple/Black / #2 (108438)
$7.99 20

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