Fly Tying Tool Kit: Renzetti Traveler, RH, Clamp Base

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This kit provides the vise and tools you need to get started tying flies. The Renzetti Traveler vise, made right here in Florida, is an excellent vise that you will likely be tying with for years to come. It is a rotary vise, which gives you the ability to spin the hook on axis and wrap on materials rather than move materials around the hook. This offers a number of advantages, including better control and the ability to always see where the material is going onto the hook.

The Traveler 2000 vise included in this kit is the right hand version with a clamp base. clamp will securely attach the vise to a table or other horizontal surface. It is lightweight and ideal for travel.

The tools included are the basic tools you need to get started. These are all high quality tools, made to work well and to last.

The following products are included:
  • Renzetti Traveler 2000 Vise
  • Dr. Slick All Purpose Scissors
  • Dr. Slick Bodkin
  • Griffin Bobbin
  • Griffin Whip Finisher
  • Loon Water-Based Head Cement

The Foam Tool Caddy is not part of the kit but will keep your tools organized and make it harder to spill head cement all over your tying table.

Choose on or more of our fly pattern kits to go along with your vise and tools and you'll have everything you need to start tying.

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