Gamakatsu B10S TGW Hook



Multi-use stinger, Nano Smooth Coat (gray finish), Tournament Grade Wire for smaller diameter and extra strength, straight eye. Ideal for topwater flies and streamers in both fresh and saltwater.

The original B10S Stinger is a favorite for hair bugs and streamers. The B10S TGW improves upon this excellent hook with the use of Gamakatsu's Tournament Grade Wire (TGW) and Nano Smooth Coat.

Tournament Grade Wire is a thinner, stronger wire that increases hook durability and keeps points sharper longer. The Nano Smooth Coat increases the slickness of the hook surface leading to better penetration and a great hookup ratio. These hooks are strong, extremely sharp, and built to catch fish after fish.

20 hooks per pack.

  • Eye: Straight
  • Wire: Tournament Grade Wire (TGW). Small diameter with excellent strength.
  • Finish: Nano Smooth Coat
  • Color: Dark Gray
  • Stinger Hook
Product Price Quantity Stock
#6 #6 (120459)
$9.70 11
#4 #4 (120460)
$10.50 7
#2 #2 (120461)
$10.50 10
#1 #1 (120462)
$10.50 7
#1/0 #1/0 (120463)
$12.04 15

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