Gamakatsu C14S Glo Bug Hook



Judging by the name of this hook, you might assume it's only good for freshwater egg flies. And that's where you'd be wrong. The wide size range and saltwater safe Nickel Silver Black finish broadens its use considerably.

Designed for tying Glo-Bugs and Egg patterns, the C14S is a great hook for anglers on the search for salmon, steelhead, and giant Alaskan rainbows that can really test your hook's strength. Saltwater and warmwater tyers can use them on streamers, such as the Polar Fiber Minnow, that utilize a short shank hook. They are also useful for tube flies.

25 hooks per pack

  • Eye: Straight
  • Length: Short
  • Wire: 2X Strong
  • Finish: Nickel Silver Black 
  • Color: Black
  • Egg Hook  with many other uses
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#8 #8 (119696)
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