Gamakatsu SC15 Wide Gap Hook



The SC15 is an excellent choice for shrimp, and streamer patterns for all varieties of saltwater fish. With the wide hook gap, it work sell for EP-style baitfish and others that tend to close down the gap on some hooks. It also works well as a tube fly hook.

This is a lightweight hook for its size and is ideally suited to flies you want to ride high in the water column. While the larger sizes are strong and durable, the wire diameter in the smaller sizes (especially #6 and #8) is fairly thin and the hooks may be bent by larger fish. If you are looking for a small hook with a similar shape to use for larger fish consider the Mustad C68. 

  • Eye: Straight
  • Bend: Sproat
  • Finish: Tin
  • Color: Silver (tin)
  • Wide Gap
Product Price Quantity Stock
#8 (15/pk) #8 (15/pk) (109666)
$4.79 7
#2 (12/pk) #2 (12/pk) (109669)
$5.64 14
#1 (12/pk) #1 (12/pk) (109670)
$5.64 13
#1/0 (12/pk) #1/0 (12/pk) (109671)
$6.46 15
#2/0 (10/pk) #2/0 (10/pk) (109672)
$6.46 12
#3/0 (10/pk) #3/0 (10/pk) (109673)
$6.46 12

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