Hud's Bushwhacker

Umpqua, Inc.

Hud's Bushwhacker is the ultimate weedless baitfish pattern for those big predators looking for a big meal.  Lifelike profiles tied on offset worm hooks provide anglers with exceptional options when the fish are holding tight to cover while waiting to ambush passing bluegill, shad, or other prey that happen to pass by.  The hook design enable positive hook sets by pulling directly in line with the hook point, and the keel down aspect guarantees that the fly rides properly in the water.  Give one a try the next time baitfish are on the menu.
Product Price Quantity Stock
Chartreuse / #2/0 Chartreuse / #2/0 (113146)
$9.99 38
Shad / #2/0 Shad / #2/0 (113145)
$9.99 32
Bluegill / #1 Bluegill / #1 (117288)
$9.99 10

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