KCF Muddler

Dan Johnson's Saltwater Flies


A variation of Jonny King's Kinky Muddler fly tied for Tarpon, this fly has a dense 3-D head made of synthetic material that pushes a lot of water. Adding a few lead wraps to the shank aids in getting the fly into the strike zone of just about any predator looking for a tasty minnow. Bluefish, jacks, tarpon, snook, and even freshwater predators like largemouth bass, and peacocks will find this pattern hard to resist.

Product Price Quantity Stock
Burnt Orange / #2/0 Burnt Orange / #2/0 (120186)
$8.99 9
Black/Purple / #2/0 Black/Purple / #2/0 (120184)
$8.99 6
Brown / #2/0 Brown / #2/0 (120185)
$8.99 9

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