KONA Big Popper Hooks

Hareline Dubbin, Inc.


Looking for a hook that's designed for the biggest poppers and the biggest fresh and saltwater predators? Kona has you covered with the BPH (Big Popper Hook) especially if you plan on using the Surface Seducer Double Barrel Popper heads or other large foam bodies. The kink shank helps prevent hook twisting inside the fly body, while the wide gap creates separation between the fly body and the hook point ensuring solid hookups. These hooks also perform well when incorporated in large streamers and deer hair flies.


  • Black nickel finish
  • Forged high carbon steel
  • Barbed
Product Price Quantity Stock
#2/0, 15/pack #2/0, 15/pack (123115)
$10.50 3
#4/0, 15/pack #4/0, 15/pack (123116)
$10.50 4

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