Large Northern Bucktail

Hareline Dubbin, Inc.


One of the first fly tying materials ever used. Up to 12" long, these tails are very clean and perfectly dyed. If you're planning to tie Clousers, deceivers, bucktail streamers and many other standard patterns you need to have some of these around. Available in a wide range of colors including natural hues, to match whatever you are attempting to imitate, and attractor colors.

This is a natural material and there will be wide variations in overall tail size and in hair length, straightness and thickness. We try to send the best materials we have but what is best varies by the use. If you have specific requirements please let us know.

Product Price Quantity Stock
Tan Tan (122836)
$11.95 4
Camel Camel (122834)
$11.95 4
Rust Rust (122835)
$11.95 4
Chartreuse Chartreuse (121413)
$11.95 2
Purple Purple (121511)
$11.95 4
Black Black (121414)
$11.95 5
White White (121703)
$11.95 2

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