Mustad 91768BLN Jig Hook



Extra wide gap premium jig hook with a 28° bend on the shank.  Nor-Tempered for extra strength, extremely sharp ultra point, with a black nickel finish. 

This hook is an excellent choice for bendback style flies for both fresh and saltwater. The wire diameter varies with the hook size. The wire in the #4 size is light enough to bend out on larger saltwater species. If you would prefer a sturdier hook, we highly recommend the Ahrex TP650, which we use interchangeably for the same pattens. Because the Ahrex sizing is different you'll want to go two sizes larger with the TP650 (i.e. the Mustad 91768BLN #2 is similar to the Ahrex TP650 #1/0).

We purchase these in bulk and repackage them. They will come in a small unbranded plastic bags marked with the hook size. 25 hooks per pack.

Product Price Quantity Stock
#4 #4 (119178)
$4.99 20
#2 #2 (119179)
$4.99 12

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