Mustad C68SNP-DT Tarpon Hook


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The C68SNP-DT is billed as a "tarpon hook" however we have found that it is ideal whenever you want a hook you don't have to be afraid to really pull on. In our area this often means it gets thrown in front of big redfish and black drum. Available in a variety of sizes that work for many saltwater species. If you're tying up a batch of tarpon flies that call for a short shank hook (i.e. the Toad Fly) then this one is a great choice. Works very well for everything from Enrico Puglisi-style baitfish patterns to hook-up crab patterns when you need a little extra gap.

2x Heavy, 2x short. Curved, forged, chemically sharpened with a needle-sharp Signature point and a micro-barb. 25 per pack.

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