Mustad C70SAP-TX Saltwater Streamer Fly Hook



This all-around saltwater hook is an excellent choice whenever you need a standard hook, for flies like Clouser minnows, bonefish and redfish sliders, and Crazy Charlies. With its 2x strong construction, the C70 is made to stand up to hard fighting saltwater gamefish.

  • Forged and Nor-Tempered - For excellent strength and flexibility.
  • Micro Barb - Allows for for good penetration and easier unhooking and can be pinched flat without damaging the hook.
  • Opti-Angle and AlphaPoint® Technology - Work together to create an extremely sticky yet durable point at a precise, ideal angle.
  • TitanX Nanotech Finish - The stealthy gunmetal gray finish is incredibly slick, increasing penetration up to four times that of other finishes.
  • 2x Strong
  • Standard Length
  • Straight Eye
  • 25 per pack
Product Price Quantity Stock
#6 (25/pk) #6 (25/pk) (122023)
$6.99 7
#1 (25/pk) #1 (25/pk) (122020)
$6.99 5
#1/0 (25/pk) #1/0 (25/pk) (122019)
$7.99 8
#2/0 (25/pk) #2/0 (25/pk) (122074)
$7.99 5

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