Redington Predator Fly Rod



The Predator is a great fly rod for big flies, heavy lines, and aggressive-fighting fish. It features a powerful, intuitive fast action that commands enough power to combat big game fish and pick up and cast today's heavy lines and massive flies. Its action is designed to perform in both freshwater and saltwater scenarios, and all components are saltwater-ready.

Product Price Quantity Stock
7wt 7wt (115989)
$349.00 2
8wt 8wt (115990)
$349.00 2
9wt 9wt (120299)
$349.00 3
10wt 10wt (115987)
$349.00 2
11wt 11wt (116920)
$349.00 1
12wt 12wt (116919)
$349.00 1

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