Rainy's Barred Round Rubber Legs

Rainy's Flies and Supplies


These look particularly good on crab and shrimp patterns but can be used on a variety of flies, including streamers, poppers and terrestrials. Add a couple or a bunch to imitate legs, antenna or just to impart a bit of action to your favorite pattern.

Product Price Quantity Stock
Neon Yellow/Black Neon Yellow/Black (111627)
$7.75 4
Olive/Black Olive/Black (111626)
$7.75 3
Neon Orange/Black Neon Orange/Black (111628)
$7.75 5
Chartreuse/Black Chartreuse/Black (111629)
$7.75 3
Neon Red/Black Neon Red/Black (111630)
$7.75 5
White/Black White/Black (111624)
$7.75 6

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