Renzetti Presentation 4000 Vise

Renzetti, Inc.


If you use a variety of hook styles and sizes, you'll appreciate the versatility of the Presentation 4000 Cam Series Vises. It offers two rotary tension adjustments, one to preset the desired level of tension for your basic tying needs, and the other to add tension or hold the rotary shaft in the desired position.

The Presentation 4000 features true 360 degree rotation, adjustable rotary tension, material clip, solid brass bobbin cradle support, anti-corrosion coated jaw, advance rotary actuator, stainless steel rotary bent shaft, and stainless steel stem. For hooks range #28 to #4/0.

Product Price Quantity Stock
C4008 / Left Hand / Clamp C4008 / Left Hand / Clamp (111751)
$549.99 1
C4016 / Right Hand / Deluxe Pedestal C4016 / Right Hand / Deluxe Pedestal (111752)
$599.99 1

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