RIO Elite Bonefish Fly Line



Designed for spooky bones on the flats, this line excels wherever longer, accurate casts are needed. It’s one of our favorites for casting at redfish along edges and picking apart mangrove shorelines. The long head and rear taper provide control with long casts as well as the ability to easily pick up and reposition your cast. The mid-length front taper provides good turnover with a light presentation. The line has extra weight up front to allow for short casts and fewer false casts. 


  • Low stretch, easily straightened “DirectCore.”
  • Incredibly slick and durable SlickCast coating.
  • Tri-colored line in Bahamian colors lets you know when to pick up and when to shoot line. The first color change is at 30’, vs. 20’ on the Flats Pro.
  • Long belly and rear taper for excellent control on long casts.
  • Mid length front taper allows for excellent turnover with the light presentation needed for spooky fish.
  • Core strength varies is as follows:
     - WF6 - WF7 = 30lb (13.6kg)
     - WF8 - WF9 = 45lb (20.4kg)
Product Price Quantity Stock
WF6F / Sand/Orange/Blue WF6F / Sand/Orange/Blue (120802)
$129.99 3
WF7F / Sand/Orange/Blue WF7F / Sand/Orange/Blue (120803)
$129.99 5
WF8F / Sand/Orange/Blue WF8F / Sand/Orange/Blue (120804)
$129.99 10
WF9F / Sand/Orange/Blue WF9F / Sand/Orange/Blue (120805)
$129.99 4

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