RIO Elite Smallmouth Bass Fly Line



RIO's Elite Smallmouth Bass line has been specifically designed to meet the demands of the smallmouth bass angler. The front taper easily turns over typical Clousers and bass bugs, while a long handling section allows the caster to deliver and control the fly at distance. The line is built with a coating that stays slick in typical summer heat but remains easy to straighten when the temperatures dip in the spring and fall - covering the full range of smallmouth bass fishing conditions. When presentation and accuracy are paramount, the Elite Smallmouth is the ideal line for the job.


  • Powerful front taper to easily cast typical bass flies
  • Long handling section to deliver and control the fly at distance
  • Low stretch DirectCore for solid strip sets
  • Features RIO's SureFire tricolored measuring system for increased accuracy and distance controlo
Product Price Quantity Stock
WF6F / Moss/Chartreuse/Beige WF6F / Moss/Chartreuse/Beige (122884)
$99.99 3
WF7F / Moss/Chartreuse/Beige WF7F / Moss/Chartreuse/Beige (122885)
$99.99 1
WF8F / Moss/Chartreuse/Beige WF8F / Moss/Chartreuse/Beige (122886)
$99.99 2

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