RIO Elite Tarpon Fly Line



RIO’s Elite Tarpon fly line features a short, powerful front taper for short cast and to easily cast large flies, and a long back taper for stable casts at range, quick pickups, and 2nd shot casts to moving fish. The DirectCore Tarpon line has a mid-length head of around 40ft and is an ideal all-round Tarpon line.

Each line is built on RIO’s low-memory DirectCore. It is extremely easy to stretch and lies perfectly straight on the water, yet retains the stiffness needed to cast in hot conditions.

Testing has shown that the SlickCast coating on the Rio Elite lines is the slickest and most durable on the market. Used under similar conditions, we expect these lines to last considerably longer than others on the market.

  • Easy casting taper that presents typical crab patterns gently
  • Long back taper for fast, 2nd shot casts
  • Easy to straighten, low-memory core that lays true on the water
  • Hard, tropical coating will not wilt in the heat
  • Slick, durable, long lasting line
Product Price Quantity Stock
WF9F / Seagrass/Orange/Sand WF9F / Seagrass/Orange/Sand (120798)
$129.99 3
WF10F / Seagrass/Orange/Sand WF10F / Seagrass/Orange/Sand (120799)
$129.99 2
WF12F / Seagrass/Orange/Sand WF12F / Seagrass/Orange/Sand (120801)
$129.99 2

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