RIO Premier Tarpon Clear Floater Fly Line



How do you improve an easy casting tarpon line that puts the fly where you want it? Rio's answer is to add a 10' clear floating tip. This lets you cast close to the fish with less chance of spooking them. With the floating tip, picking up the line to reposition your fly is effortless. The subtle seafoam head color behind the clear tip helps you keep track of the fly throughout the retrieve. Built with RIO's classic tarpon taper, this fly line combines a mid-length head and a short, powerful front taper, designed to efficiently cast tarpon flies. This unique design makes quick casts to moving fish easy while also enabling longer shots when you need to reach out to distant fish on the flats.

The Tarpon Clear Tip Floater also includes two RIO Fly Line Cleaning Towelettes. Use these to keep your line clean and shooting well so you can get the fly to the fish quickly and efficiently. A clean line casts further, floats better, and is less likely to tangle.

  • 10 ft of floating Clear Tip for stealthy presentations and use of shorter leaders.
  • Easy casting, accurate line design that turns over typical tarpon flies with ease
  • Built on a strong, medium stiff core which will not wilt in the heat
  • Includes two Fly Line Cleaning Towelettes
Product Price Quantity Stock
WF10F / Clear/Seafoam/Sand WF10F / Clear/Seafoam/Sand (122715)
$99.99 1
WF11F / Clear/Seafoam/Sand WF11F / Clear/Seafoam/Sand (122716)
$99.99 3
WF12F / Clear/Seafoam/Sand WF12F / Clear/Seafoam/Sand (122717)
$99.99 2

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