Ripple Ice Fiber

Hareline Dubbin, Inc.


Ripple Ice Fibers are perfect for adding a bit of flash to a wide variety of fly patterns ranging from streamers to nymphs. You'll surely appreciate the versatility of this great material whether adding it to a secret dubbing loop/brush recipe, or when you include a few strands in the wing or tail of your favorite streamer. A little goes a long way towards giving your fly just the right amount of shimmer, shine, and flash.

Product Price Quantity Stock
Copper Copper (120883)
$4.25 2
Electric Purple Electric Purple (120878)
$4.25 2
Olive Olive (120880)
$4.25 2
Smolt Blue Smolt Blue (120881)
$4.25 2
Gray Minnow Gray Minnow (120879)
$4.25 3
UV Pearl UV Pearl (120882)
$4.25 2

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