Sage R8 Core Fly Rod



The Sage R8 is a rod line made to fit a huge range of applications. From delicate presentations to tailing bonefish to bombing out long casts in the wind with heavy flies, this rod does it all. More importantly this rod gives the angler intuitive control resulting in better accuracy, less wasted energy, and more fun on the water!

It takes a lot of technology and the ability to put that technology to use to make a rod that excels at everything from short, delicate casts to accurate long range shots, is durable and hard wearing, and feels great in the hand. The R8 is the current manifestation of "Sage’s rich history of graphite innovation" and consistent effort to stay at the forefront of the fly fishing industry.

  • Axial fiber formulation providing feedback throughout the beginning of the cast to the end of the fight. 

  •  Effortless energy transfer and more connected feel.

  •  Proprietary composite with improved hoop strength allowing for a stronger backbone but with a more sensitive tip and improved feel. 

Product Price Quantity Stock
5wt 5wt (121780)
$1,050.00 2
6wt 6wt (121781)
$1,050.00 1
9wt 9wt (121784)
$1,050.00 2

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