Sculpting Flash Fiber

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When we are looking for materials to use in our own flies (the ones we fish, not the ones we put in shadow boxes) we like to use materials that will simplify the process and cut down on the overall number of materials required. With most synthetic flies we add a little bit of flash to attract a predator’s attention and to mimic what is seen in nature. Sculpting Flash Fiber already includes just the right amount of micro flash blended throughout.

Sculpting Flash Fiber is an ideal material for synthetic baitfish patterns as well as for crabs and shrimp. The fibers are relatively soft, making them perfect for smaller patterns and precise shapes. On larger flies consider using a stiffer fiber, like Steve Farrar Blend, as the longer portion of the wing and Sculpting Flash Fiber as the head and forward portion of the body.

Product Price Quantity Stock
Rusty Olive Rusty Olive (111422)
$8.99 3
Dark Gray Dark Gray (111419)
$8.99 2
Dark Purple Dark Purple (111421)
$8.99 2
Mullet Brown Mullet Brown (111414)
$8.99 2
Olive Olive (111415)
$8.99 4
White White (111417)
$8.99 2
Black Black (111420)
$8.99 4

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