Solarez Roadie Kit

Wahoo International, Inc.


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Working with uv resins opens up a lot of possibilities when it comes to creating more variety in your fly box and the Solarez Pro Roadie Kit is perfect for the tyer trying to expand his/her versatility. The kit comes with their high-output flashlight and three bottles of UV-cured resin; Thin-hard, Thick-hard, and Flex. The "Hard" versions cure slick, hard, crystal clear, and without the typical tackiness common in other UV resins, while the "Flex" can be used on flies where a slightly spongy or compressible coating is needed. The beauty and hardiness of flies finished off with this material is unmatched by other similar products. Give it a try and you'll look for more reasons to use the full lineup of Solarez products.

Includes all three Solarez fly-tie UV resins, Thin-Hard, Thick-Hard, and Flex formulas. Each comes in a .5 gram tube. Also included is a Very High Output flashlight with optimal wavelength. This flashlight takes two (2) CR123 Lithium batteries or one (1) 18650 Lithium Ion battery – not included.

Usage Tip:
Apply in shade. Irradiate with intense UV light for ONE SECOND. Wait 15 seconds. Irradiate again for one second. Wait. Complete with 30 full seconds UV light. This technique will reduce heat & shrinkage.

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