Spool Hands - Tippet

Hareline Dubbin, Inc.

Born out of necessity, Spool Hands are an absolute must-have for keeping thread, wire, floss, tinsel, or tippet material neat, tidy, and tight on their storage spools. Gone are the days of hunting for the ends, fighting with material that's unraveled, or dealing with rubber bands that work, but often become tangled in the material or dry rot and break. The elastic bands stretch around the spool and then the material is passed through the plastic beads to allow the user to pull material off the spool while still keeping it secure. Simple yet effective, Spool Hands will help keep your spools shipshape whether you're on the water or at the tying bench. These are sized for 3 1/8" to 4 1/4" tippet spools.
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