Squimpish Blend

Squimpish Flies


Squimpish Hair is a synthetic fiber with some of the characteristics of bucktail and polar bear. It is long enough for the largest of flies, looks great in the water, is easy to tie with, and is available in a wide variety of colors. Did we mention that it's long? 

Squimpish Blend is a custom mix of Squimpish Hair in different colors mixed with flash and sometimes natural fibers. Blends are hand made in small batches and will vary in color and makeup. Working length is 4" to 6". 

Squimpish Blend can be stacked, tapered, and trimmed to length. Tie it straight in as a wing or tail, hi-tie style, holo-tie, use it in a dubbing brush . . . you get the picture. 

Use for a single material fly or blend with other synthetic and natural materials. 

Product Price Quantity Stock
Purple Purple (120759)
$11.00 4
Chartreuse Chartreuse (120764)
$11.00 4
Teal Teal (122842)
$11.00 4
Pink Pink (122843)
$11.00 5
Camel Camel (122580)
$11.00 2
Dark Gray Dark Gray (121846)
$11.00 4
Black Black (120758)
$11.00 5

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