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The NEW BackCountry is designed and crafted with the same uncompromising standards as Tibor's time-tested Signature and Billy Pate series reels. It is suitable for 5-7 weight rods in both fresh and saltwater conditions. Even the most fragile tippet can be fished with complete confidence.

  • Made from solid aluminum bar stock and has very few parts.
  • Features a drag that cannot be set excessively tight, yet the spool won't over run if you pull line rapidily from it.
  • Spool is easily removable. Extra spools are available.
  • A clicker monitors line going out or coming in.
  • Comes with a thick neoprene case and a clear pocket window.
Weight: 6.oz
Rods: 5-7
Frame Size: 3.50" x 1.50"
Capacity: 150 yds. w/65 lb. gelspun
At your request, we will rig this reel with Dacron backing free of charge. If you are purchasing a line and would like us to install both line and backing, let us know and we will have it fully rigged and ready to go. Add a note to your order on the shopping cart page to provide the following information:
  1. Would you like the reel set up for left or right hand retrieve?
  2. What color backing would you prefer? The free options are White, Fluorescent Yellow and Orange.
  3. If you are purchasing a line, would you like us to install it on the reel? If so, we will install the appropriate amount of backing for that line. If we will be installing backing without a line, we will go by the manufacturer’s specifications for the smallest line recommended for that reel. If you would prefer something different, please let us know.
For details on how we rig see the "Rigging" section of our FAQ page.
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Frost Silver Frost Silver (120928)
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