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The ultra-strong frame of the Tibor Fly Reel is machined from a solid block of high-grade bar- stock aluminum to create a lightweight reel that's highly resistant to breaking or warping. Tibor Reels also have extreme resistance to saltwater corrosion because each reel is hand polished and painstakingly anodized to create a Rolls-Royce finish.

The Tibor then incorporates a highly dependable draw-bar cork drag that consists of a large natural cork washer and a stainless threaded spindle that when tightened by the reel's external knob evenly draws down the spool against the cork for exacting resistance at a consistent level of pressure that won't loosen or tighten suddenly on a run. The cork is the hero, as it has a remarkable ability to gain stronger resistance to friction as it compresses, call it a molecular thing.

The spool's large arbor significantly enhances the rate of line retrieval which Orlando Outfitters anglers know to be critical when trying to control speedsters like bonefish, bonito, or wahoo.

As with all of Tibor-manufactured reels, the Tibor Reel comes with a lifetime guarantee. Models listed below are currently in-stock, but the entire collection is available through Orlando Outfitters. Feel free to contact us for custom orders.

At your request, we will rig this reel with Dacron backing free of charge. If you are purchasing a line and would like us to install both line and backing, let us know and we will have it fully rigged and ready to go. Add a note to your order on the shopping cart page to provide the following information:
  1. Would you like the reel set up for left or right hand retrieve?
  2. What color backing would you prefer? The free options are White, Fluorescent Yellow and Orange.
  3. If you are purchasing a line, would you like us to install it on the reel? If so, we will install the appropriate amount of backing for that line. If we will be installing backing without a line, we will go by the manufacturer’s specifications for the smallest line recommended for that reel. If you would prefer something different, please let us know.
For details on how we rig see the "Rigging" section of our FAQ page.

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