Umpqua Rivergrip Nippers

Umpqua, Inc.

Everybody needs a pair of nippers for clipping leader material and getting rid of those pesky tag ends and the Rivergrip Nippers do the job very well indeed. These nippers are at home working with both monofiliment and fluorocarbon so saltwater and freshwater anglers alike will appreciate adding a pair to their kit for their next adventure.  
  • Wide and extra-sharp Tungsten Carbide cutting blade to repeatedly cut monofiliment and fluorocarbon while still remaining sharp.
  • Ergonomically shaped and rubberized gripping surface to provide increased leverage and comfort.
  • Pin eye-cleaner to remove head cement or paint from the eyes of flies and jigs.
  • Free-rotating ring attachment.

Product Price Quantity Stock
Red Red (112891)
$9.99 3
Mulberry Mulberry (118480)
$9.99 1
Green Green (112893)
$9.99 3
Black Black (112890)
$9.99 5
Blue Blue (112892)
$9.99 4

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